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TALK TO HER  (112  R)      starts February 7

Talk To Her

"Elvis Mitchell, a New York Times film critic, could barely stop praising Pedro Almodovar's new picture when it was the closing night feature at the New York Film Festival last month. Mr. Mitchell called it 'a tragic comedy about need, its liberating and shackling power,' and observed that everything in the film 'falls into place with almost surreal delicacy.'" (NYT) Its subtle complex, fascinating story doesn't lend itself to easy summary--it may sound merely weird or lacrymose when it is thought provoking and wryly humorous. Nevertheless, it can be said that it is about two women, a dancer and a bullfighter, who come to be hospitalized in nearby rooms in comas, and the two men--Benigno, a childlike nurse, and Marco, a sensitive but perhaps somewhat self-absorbed travel writer, who carry on relationships with them. YEAR-END AWARDS: OSCAR (Best Original Screenplay) BEST FOREIGN FILM (Golden Globe Winner, National Board of Review, BEST DIRECTOR (LA Film Critics); BEST 10 LISTS: NYT (Holden, Kehr, Mitchell), Newsday, Newsweek, ArtForum, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Time, E!Online, Slate, Wash. Post, NY Daily News, Wall St. Journal.
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